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Roof ridge role aluminium
Ridge /arris role plastic
Venting cap with brush
Venting cap with UV-sealing wedge
Eaves aeration combs, flat/round
Eave element with teeth/without teeth
Chimney/wall connection alu
Ridge end discs
Nail strip brackets for hammering
Ridge/arris fillet holder
Eave protection band


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About us

The company INTERDACHNORM ofters you high quality, topnotch sloping roof
products made in Switzerland. We have been serving the European market with
ventilation and aeration systems or almost two decades. Our innovative
developments are always one step ahead of the market requirements and needs.

We, the company INTERDACHNORM, develop, test, and optimize our ventilation
and aeration systems using an inhouse wind tunnel with simulated precipitation.
We are therefore certain that our products function as advertised and that they
comply with applicable rules and regulations and relevant standards.

INTERDACHNORM Scheffler GmbH & Co. KG · Bahnhofstraße 40 · 59597 Erwitte