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Roof ridge role aluminium
Ridge /arris role plastic
Venting cap with brush
Venting cap with UV-sealing wedge
Eaves aeration combs, flat/round
Eave element with teeth/without teeth
Chimney/wall connection alu
Ridge end discs
Nail strip brackets for hammering
Ridge/arris fillet holder
Eave protection band


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Norm venting cap with brush, oblong/round openings

Norm venting cap with brush, oblong/round openings - Venting cap with brush
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ProductinformationsVenting cap with brush, wind tunnel tested, high-grade plastic, corrosion-proof and UV resistant, safety dure to water collar, free venting openings, universal use, efficient installation.

DimensionLength: 1000 mm
Brush-height: 30 mm, 40 mm, 50 mm, 60 mm,
75 mm, 90 mm

Colorsblack, brick red, brown
Packaging unit20 pcs / ctn, 300 pcs/ pal.
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Datenblatt Venting cap with brush datasheet
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